„Carmel of The Divine Mercy“ – short presentation of the community


„Carmel of The Divine Mercy“

a hermit and missionary community of brothers and sisters of Merciful Jesus and Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel


„Carmel of The Divine Mercy“ is deeply rooted into carmelite tradition, but it is being disclosed as a new (reformed) way of consecrated life in the Church because of the renewed approach to the original carmelite hermitage spirit through the mistery of The Divine Mercy, is positively open to ways of new evangelisation, renewed importance of brother-sister relationships.


„Carmel of The Divine Mercy“ is been established in Dubrovnik on May 13, 2016, like a new sprout in the spring of the Holy Year of Mercy. As a community, we found our first home on the island of Koločep, near Dubrovnik, or as local people call it – Kalamota, in the village Donje Čelo, next to the parish church of our Great Lady. Thanks to the generosity of bishop mons. Mate Uzinić and the parish priest Jerko Šimić, we were given the chance to settle in the spaces near the church. From September of 2018. we move to the pensinsula Pelješac. Sisters are in the old franciscan convent in Kuna Pelješka and the monastery for brothers is in process of contruction in Donja Vrućica (14km from Kuna).



The source and meaning of our lives is described in the name of our community, which, in a new way, draws inspiration from Carmelite hermit roots, keeping the mystery of the Divine Mercy at its heart.

Our life and mission would not be possible without the Divine Mercy. This greatest mystery is the inner source of our charisma, which we live through giving ourselves to Merciful Jesus, not relying on our own strength and ability, but by trusting in living God. In this way we respond to Jesus, to Love with love. In this way we walk the way of our personal sanctification. This is the way in which we want to become channels of The Divine Mercy – giving up ourselves for other souls, living of God’s Providence, preaching God who is Merciful Love and doing works of mercy in solidarity to those in need.


This aspect of Carmel is one that we keep deep in our hearts, entirely consecrating ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, living and sharing Mary’s motherly love and the strength of her intercession with the world.

This is why we are especially fond of the fact that, by Mary’s intercession, we have been given the gift of establishing the community on the Feast of our Lady of Fatima, on the day of entering the 100th Jubilee of her apparitions in Fatima, where she has called all of us to consecrate ourselves to her Immaculate Heart.


The basic feature of our charisma is following Jesus Christ in solitude and intimate conversation with the Father, in the desert, but also in the mystery of his missionary work, in welcoming guests in the monastery and sometimes going out and spreading the Good News about God’s Kingdom to people in need, especially among young people.


our biggest inspiration has been St John Paul II, pope of the youth and promotor of The Divine Mercy, surrendering to Mary and new evangelization. At the beginning of the third millenium, he gave strength to the whole Church to be open to the Holy Spirit, through schools of prayer and new evangelization (Novo millennio ineuente).


That is why we recognize our vocation as being hermits and missionaries at the same time, and as two sides of the lung, as brothers and sisters, share the life of the Carmelite desert, prayer and mission.


consists of a brown cross, which is in its whole a sign of Jesus Christ, who is the goal of every spiritual ascent. This ascent is represented at the bottom of the cross, in the form of Mount Carmel, the source of Carmelite spirituality.

Brown color is a sign of humility, penance, earthly transiency. The white color of the background represents heaven, chastity and holiness.

The spiritual ascent is realized only through theological virtues of faith, hope and love, which are represented by three six-pointed stars, with points not being even: white star inside and two brown stars outside. The star inside, lying on the bottom of the Mountain, stands for all members of the Church of this world, while the stars outside represent all Carmelite saints in Heaven. The outside starts are connected with the cross with two triple rays of red and white color, symbols of The Divine Mercy.

The star in the cross has a letter “M“ inside, shaped like a star, which represents the blessed Virgin Mary, Mother and Queen of Carmel as a Star of the Sea (Stella Maris), on a cruise of life and as the Star of new evangelization. Her sons and daughters of Carmel represent her as a white star, the most pure shine. Mary shapes her daughters and sons to be like Jesus Christ, making them witnesses preaching Jesus Christ in this third millennium.


If you are interested in learning about our lifestyle you can contact us. We can communicate in Spanish, English and Italian. The Lord has placed us near Dubrovnik, which is the goal of numerous visitors from all over the world and also near Međugorje, one of the largest sanctuaries in the world. In these signs we recognize a special call to be open to people from all over the world in the growth of our Community.

Our address: “Carmel of The Divine Mercy”, Donje Čelo 28, HR-20221 Koločep, Croatia

Web: KarmelBM.wordpress.com

E-mail: KarmelBM.uprava@gmail.com; KarmelBM.Zajednica@gmail.com. Telephone: (call Monday-Saturday 10.00am -12.00am or 3.30pm – 4.30pm Central European Time)

+385 98 947 1402 (for English); +385 98 98 70717 (for Spanish and Italian).


The novelty of God’s call has placed us in the provisional living conditions. Starting from scratch, we rely on God’s providence and experience its effectiveness. God is helping us through many people, thus we were able to take the first steps towards preparation of the eremitic living conditions with the construction of hermitage houses in Donja Vrućica (hermitage /lat. eremus – a desert; a small desert hut/, a place where one resides in silence and solitude, praying and working).

This is important for realization of our intention and life style, also for our young new members who are already interested in our Community, as well as for the guests who come to spiritual renewal, prayer and the desert experience in silence.

If you are able to SUPPORT US, we will be grateful for ANY CONTRIBUTION (check out our DONATION LEAFLET)!

“Karmel Božjeg Milosrđa” (“Carmel of The Divien Mercy”), Address: Donje Čelo 28, HR-20221 Koločep (Croatia)

IBAN: HR24 2340 0091 1108 0470 6

Model: HR00; Call to recipient number: 2016-2017


Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb, Radnička cesta 50, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Description of payment: donation for hermitage.


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